Hi guys and girls,

So we have just received back the first completely finished Muncher utensil sample as it will look fresh off the production line, and it's not too shabby at all:) So just to confirm, this sample was made using all the mass manufacturing processes and tooling and should be a spitting image of the Muncher utensil you will receive.

As you can see from the image the sample has been polished and blasted to a high standard. Now we just need to confirm a few things and send back a signed golden sample to our manufacturer. The golden sample is a final signed off sample that acts as a measure of quality that is expected for the entire production run. Once received our manufacturer will then begin production. The production will take some time as there are a lot of units being produced and they all need to go through each process and the same quality control procedures.

At the same time as the utensil is being produced all the other elements in the products bill of materials are also being organised and made. This includes the hypalon pouch, ferro-rod with paracord, carabiner, and packaging.

In the coming weeks we will also be sending out the backers surveys to get all the information we require from you. You will receive these via email. 

As always I'll be back in touch when we reach the next step.



March 16, 2017 — Mark Windsor