Hey there,

I'm Mark Windsor, Full Windsor's founder.

Let me introduce you to who we are and what we are all about.

Full Windsor is a small design-led company making useful and sustainable utensils and tools for folk that love to play outside.


In 2011 I quit my design job at a well known London industrial design firm, to found Full Windsor and release our first product on Kickstarter. I wanted to create a brand where design, sustainability and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

As a kid growing up in New Zealand, my love for mucking about outside was strong. Combine this with a passion for tinkering about making things and designing outdoor gear was always in my future. After a brief stint in Berlin, we hopped across the pond to sunny Eagle Rock, California in 2017 where we are now based. We are now a small team made up of designers and folk that share an entrepreneur spirit.

We have bootstrapped and crowdfunded our way into existence, and to this day, we are still 100% founder owned and operated.


It's simple - design and make the best utensils and tools. We want you to experience delight whenever you are using our products, so they become a part of your everyday life.

We pride ourselves in making the best things, and having a business that puts the welfare of our employees, partners, and planet before our own profits and growth.


To create items that will be cherished for a long time requires a lot of thought and consideration, premium materials and functionality that works so well, it is simply a pleasure to use. Our design process is slow and meticulous, we believe good things take time.

We keep iterating and developing until we reach the point where we are happy and proud to call it our own. These are the considerations we implement every time we design a new product at Full Windsor. We also put our money where our mouth is, as all Full Windsor products have a lifetime guarantee.


All our products are made with the most sustainable, long-lasting and high quality materials we can get our hands on. The key to sustainability is efficiency. A design should use less material and energy for the most useful result. Do more with less' is a mantra we follow. People are realizing cheap single use plastic products suck, The reality of throw away culture is that there is no such place as 'away'. Single use plastics (did we mention that they suck) are causing a massive environmental problem, polluting our Oceans and killing sea life that ingest them..

Do More With Less


If we don't feel that we are adding value to our customers' lives through innovation and beautiful design, we simply won't bring a product to market.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is small and we monitor it closely. We have a great long lasting relationship with our manufacturer in China and visit them on a regular basis. They are audited and certified for safe working conditions and environmental standards by external 3rd party auditors.


We have picked up a few design awards along the way!

Not to brag

Our Logo

What's up with your logo you ask. Well we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. Our Logo represents a mischievous eye looking up at a mountain in wonder and then a little like life it then all goes a bit topsy turvy.

This has been our experience along the way with Full Windsor. Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, but we always keep our heads, right the ship and carry on.