Neil Gaiman put it so well in his famous 2012 commencement speech.  This morning when I was chatting to our manufacturer over skype about the sandblasting process we will be using to finish the Muncher, discussing the best grain size of sand to use to get the desired finish, it struck me, just how long I have spent over the last 18 months agonising over each and every detail of this utensil. I asked myself, is it not a bit strange to have spent so much time on such a thing. This is when Gaiman's quote popped into my head. "make good art". And I thought to myself, the only way to "make good art" is to obsess over every detail ,otherwise you are taking short cuts that will ultimately lead to an inferior product and not something that you can sit back and say to yourself, well I put everything I had into that, and basically I have no idea how I could have made it better. This is actually quite a uplifting feeling that spurs you on further.  Anyway I just thought I would share this quite random thought that I started my day with. If you haven't seen Neil Gaiman's commencement speech I strongly advise you to check it out, it serves as a great source of motivation on a cold morning.

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Cheers - Mark
December 09, 2016 — Mark Windsor