Hey guys and girls,

I know this update has been a while coming, but I have been waiting until I have the required information to make it worth while. Production is progressing, although at a slower than anticipated speed by our manufacturer. Their explanation for this, is that the stamping and forming tools have to be be run at a considerably slower speeds than they first thought they could achieve. This is being done as titanium is incredibly hard material to form and due to the complexity of the Muncher's form, slowing down the pressing processes preserves the tooling, so it does not begin to wear and effect the quality of the product being produced. This being said, a large number of units have already been stamped and formed are currently being sand blasted /polished and cnc'd. Our manufacturer has said they are very happy with the quality at the moment and do not want to push the tooling to hard and jeopardise this.

All the other components are nearly ready, so it is the utensils production that is slowing things down. In regards to timing, our manufacturer is predicted that they will have the Munchers ready by around the start of June. It will then take around 2 weeks to ship the Munchers to our fulfillment partners who will then begin shipping out all the individual pledges to you. So we are hoping to begin shipping out all the Munchers around mid June. I know we are slipping quite far behind schedule and know it is not ideal, as we were originally hoping to send out the Munchers at the end of April. But I'm sorry to say that this is sometimes the nature of manufacturing new products that have never been manufactured before. 

I am dedicated to get you your Muncher utensils as quickly as I possibly can and can assure you that they are coming. I apologise sincerely for the delay and any inconveniences this has caused.



May 09, 2017 — Mark Windsor