Hi everyone,  

Let's just say things aren't going according to plan, we have faced yet another set back. It has been a very testing time for me, here is what has happened.  

I had 5 fully completed tools sent to me ahead of the completed main batch. When they arrived I discovered that the hexagonal slots in the tool which the tool bits are inserted into are 0.7mm too big. This may not sound like a lot ,but it means that the tool bits have a loose fit and there is also the chance that when enough force is applied, the tool bit could rotate in the hole and become lodged. This is unacceptable. The golden sample I signed off with my manufacturer had perfect tolerances and functioned very well indeed. So I have told my manufacturer that I am not accepting the tools as they are. I am very disappointed as this mistake should have been spotted during the quality control measures that I set up and agreed upon with my manufacturer before they begun production, but it wasn't.

The reason this has occurred is because when casting molten metal there is shrinkage rate when the metal is cooling after being cast. The manufacturer misjudged the amount of shrinkage and this is the result. So the tooling has now been altered and they are now remaking the whole production run over again. This is definitely not ideal for anyone involved.

This has been one of the most stressful periods I have been through during manufacturing, and I still can't quite believe that this has happened. I guess the only thing to do now is accept that it has happened and get on with doing everything possible to fix it as quickly as possible. I have told my manufacturer that I will not accept anything that is not perfect. This means that there is going to be further delays as all the tools are being remade. I am determined to not send out anything that I am not 100% happy with.

I know everyone wants a date when the tool is going to arrive but my manufacturer is still estimating how long it is going to take to redo the manufacturing run. As soon as they give me this information I will pass it on. I know how much this sucks, it sucks HARD! I don't really know what else to say other than thank you all immensely for being so patient and that I will provide you with a great tool, no matter what!  



September 13, 2015 — Mark Windsor