Hi Everyone,

After having a very long (heated) conversation with my manufacturer I have been informed they didn't hit their 3 August deadline that they promised me. Apparently the casting process has taken longer than they expected. They have informed me that it should now be finished by the end of this week and then they will machine the thread for the chain breaker and heat treat it resulting in 2 more weeks before it is ready to freight out. 

Trust me, I know this is something no one wants to hear, so I have spent the last week pushing them as hard as I can to bring the date forward. This has proved agonizingly ineffective as they have kept telling me that it can't be sped up no matter how much I bug them.

Everything else is ready, So yet again all I can do is apologize for the delays and assure you that your Breaker is indeed coming.



August 10, 2015 — Mark Windsor