Hi guys and girls,

All the Splitters, Hypalon Pouches and Munchers went off to our fulfillment company at the end of last week. They were meant to start being sent out on the 3rd June but the fulfillment company ran into some backlogs with their other customer delaying things. They have just updated me now stating that they have had to push everything back by a week.

Sorry, I would have been in touch earlier, but I was waiting to hear from them to find out exactly what was going on. They have now assured me that all pledges will start going out at the start of next week. Not ideal for backers eagerly awaiting on their Splitter to arrive I know, but we are just about at the finish line, so please hang in there with me.

Once they start going out from the fulfilment company you will receive a tracking code via email in the following few days. They said it can take anywhere from 1 -4 days for the codes to go out after each pledge is sent.

Thanks for your patience, by crikey its a hard road getting everything to run smoothly :)



June 06, 2019 — Mark Windsor

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