Hi guys and girls,

Because of your over whelming feedback we have created a new reward that includes a limited edition Hypalon Pouch with the Splitter, which will only be available on Kickstarter. If you would like to change your reward to include a pouch simply CLICK HERE and go and edit your pledge to the new reward listed. We decided to use the super durable material of hypalon as it is near impossible to tear / water proof / easy to clean / stain resistant. Hypalon is so tough it is the material that they make inflatable boats from. The only draw back is that it is quite an expensive material to source and sew, but we think that its outstanding qualities make it well worth it. It also goes well with the high end titanium used for the Splitter.



We have discounted the price of the Splitter and pouch to $55 (expected MSRP $80), so people that pledged for the Early Bird Splitter are still getting the Early Bird discounted price. So those who missed out on the Early Bird will get a particularly good price once you change over to the pledge that includes the pouch.

Also unfortunately we are not going to be able to offer the dehydrated food packs as we had hoped. The brand we were talking to were not able to offer us the discount we were after, that we could then pass onto you. We only wanted to make this offer if we could get our backers a really good discounted price.



November 01, 2018 — Mark Windsor

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