Hi Guys and Girls,

I just wanted to share with you the finished production sample as seen below. I have tested it thoroughly and we couldn't be happier with the quality and functionality! 

Production is in full swing and our manufacturer has said everything is going well except that they have found that it is taking a lot longer for the polishing and blasting processes than they originally estimated. This unfortunately will again result in another delay. This is not the easiest news for me to pass along to you, but I believe in 100% transparency and unfortunately, dems the breaks! What can I say, but manufacturing a new product is NEVER EVER a straight forward or predictable process, there's always fun little surprises to sort out hiding around every corner. 

The manufacturer has now predicted that all the products will be finished on the 20th May. Adding on the 2 weeks for getting them to the fulfilment company and all packaged and ready to go out, we are now estimating that the mailing date will be around the 4th June. I can only apologize yet again for this! I can promise you I will do everything in my power to speed things along, but a lot of things are out of my direct control.

We have now received back 90% of your surveys through backerkit, if you have yet to complete your survey please do this asap. If you have not received your survey, please message me directly though kickstarter and I will get it sent out again to you. If you need to change your address for any reason, simply log back into backerkit and amend it there.

I can only thank you yet again for your amazing patience!



March 27, 2019 — Mark Windsor

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