Hi Guys and Girls,

Sorry for the long gap between communication. I have been waiting until we had finished making the tooling so I had a mile stone to report to you. The tooling is now complete and we are now in the testing phase. I am heading out to China to spend a week with our manufacturer to go over all the small details to make sure everything is just so. The good news is, I have already seen some of the test pieces and they look great. 

So over the next week and a half we will make any changes I deem necessary and once we are completely happy with everything the tooling will be hardened and then full production will begin. I will make sure to take plenty of video and photos so you can see for yourselves just where we are at. I will then send out an update when I get back including these.

As mentioned in my previous email we are running about 1 month behind schedule due to having to change manufacturers. This will unfortunately put us right smack in the middle of Chinese New Year when our manufacturer will be shutting down for 3 weeks along with the rest of China. So instead of 1 month, we will now be about 6 weeks behind schedule. I'm very sorry about this and do apologize again, but please be rested assure by the fact we are very happy with how everything is looking and that we are very excited that we are going to be able to achieve the high quality we always envisioned.

I will be in touch again shortly with some photos and a video to have a looky at.



January 10, 2019 — Mark Windsor

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