Heya folks,

The campaign finished up a week ago now and we have been hard at work getting all the final orders sorted out with our manufacturer. The campaign was a huge success with 2,634 backers pledging $683,639.  I'll keep this update pretty short and sweet, as I am currently waiting on footage of the manufacturing in process, which is when I will go into things in more detail. I just wanted to let you know that everything is currently going to plan we are steaming along with production.

I have also been finishing up designing the packaging for your Magware sets. Below is a sneek peak of  packaging samples for the bowl/plate single sets that we are currently testing. When all the packaging is finalized I will make sure to send more photos showing all the pledge levels in their packaging.



Also below are some pictures of the golden samples of the full set bags. We have tested them out thoroughly and all is looking good.

So that is it for now, but I will be in touch again shortly. Thanks again for getting behind Magware 2.0.





August 11, 2023 — Mark Windsor

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