Hi Guys and Girls,

We have just been informed by our manufacturer that we might face delays in production as the Chinese government has placed restrictions on manufacturers to fight the spread of the Corona virus. We were expecting the first off tooling samples to be with us by now. They were scheduled to arrive as soon as they were back from Chinese New Year, but as many will be aware CNY was extended a week by the government and now further restrictions have been placed.

Our manufacturer is no where near Wuhan (the origin of the virus), they are in Shenzhen, but restrictions have been placed all across China. This is not an isolated problem by any means, brands from all around the world, both big (Apple, Nike etc) and small are all in the same boat facing delays in production, as you may have read in the news.

Our manufacturer has informed us that they should be amongst the first batch of manufacturers to resume full operation hopefully by the end of the week, but there might be a follow on effect from all the disruptions. We are hoping that the delays will not have too big an impact and there is still the possibility of having production finished before the end of April. We should have a better idea in the next couple of weeks what effect it will have.

I am sorry that we have not had more updates, but we have been waiting ourselves as our manufacturer was unsure when they would be allowed to resume operating as usual. I will keep you updated as soon as I know more.



February 17, 2020 — Mark Windsor

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