Hi Guys and Girls,

We have received many requests to add additional Single Set Pouches to Magware Full Sets pledges, and we have listened. To add as many Single Pouches (pouch only) as you want to your Magware Full Set simply update your pledge by adding $8 extra for every Single Pouch you wish to add.

If you have backed a Magware Single Set you can just ignore this update :)


How do I update my Magware Full Set pledge to add Single Pouches? 

Step 1: Click this link to Manage Your Pledge

Step 2: Click 'Manage your pledge' button

Step 3: Click 'Change your Pledge' button

Step 4: Add $8 to your Pledge amount for every Single Pouch that you would like to add. You do not need to add any extra money for shipping :)

Example: If you have currently backed a Magware Full Set from the US and you want to add on 1 x Single Set Pouch to your pledge, it would be as below:

$109 (Magware Full Set) + $8 (1 x Single Pouch) + $7 (US shipping) = $124 (Total)


You are free to add as many Single Set Pouches as you require by simply increasing your pledge by $8 for every Single Pouch you wish to add e.g. to add 2 x Single Set Pouches, add $16.

In regards to manufacturing, things are progressing along very nicely with tooling production in full swing. I plan to send out an update early next week with exactly what this involves for those who are interested.

Be in touch again soon.




December 06, 2019 — Mark Windsor

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