Ahoy glorious backers,

Well that was one hell of a ride! The Muncher ended up with 4,553 backers pledging a total of $268,539. Thanks so much for being a part of the project and making it possible for us to bring The Muncher to life, if you hadn't, there would be no Muncher.

Because the Muncher has proved so popular we have started taking pre-sales over on Indiegigo InDemand. Rest assure, all kickstarter backers will be the first to get their Munchers followed by the pre-orders from Indigogo. This is just in case anyone missed out. So if you have friends or family you know would want a Muncher for themselves please send them here.

The project had just under 90,000 video plays as you can see in the graph below.

Now that the campaign is over, we are glad to be concentrating 100% on the manufacturing side of things, which is our area of expertise. A blank is arriving from our manufacturer later in the week, it is the first test piece using the forming tool. Once it arrives I will send through some photos and explain exactly what you are looking at and what stage this means we are at. We’ll be keeping you updated periodically throughout the process, so you’re able to follow along with The Muncher's journey until it is arrives at your front door.

We will be sending out surveys to collect your shipping addresses and other required info in the not to distant future. We are not sending these out until we need them, because people can move and forget to change their address details.

Also some payments haven't gone through properly due to expired credit cards etc. Kickstarter should have contacted you to let you know, but it might be worth checking just in case, so we can be sure your payment has gone through and you will receive your Muncher.



January 25, 2017 — Mark Windsor