Hi everyone,

We have just received the first test piece from the forming tool for the Muncher, please see image below. We know it doesn't look like much at the moment, but this is just the first time testing the tool. At the moment our manufacturer is currently in the final stage of making the cutting tool (For this sample, the outside form was created using a laser cut blank not the final cutting tool) Once the cutting tool is finished we will test both tools together getting a more accurate sample. This is just the first process involved to create the Muncher however. It will then go into a cnc machine to get all the details milled out. This is when all the chamfered edges for the peeler /can opener / butter knife will be added, and it will start to look a like more like the muncher prototype you have seen in the video. From there it will be polished and sand blasted to give it its high quality finish.



We will be sending out surveys to collect your shipping addresses and other required info in the not to distant future. We are not sending these out until we need them, because people can move and forget to change their address details. There is no need to message us with your address details just yet.

February 06, 2017 — Mark Windsor