Hi everyone,

I have been closely working with the engineers to fix the problem of the thread cross threading. We think we have found a good solution, but better than that, we have also made further improvements. We have decided to increase the gauge of the thread and also have decided to include a replaceable pin. This means we can use a harder tool grade alloy for the pin. Here's a tech drawing better to illustrate what I'm going on about.

We have also added more material to the side of the chain tool and thickened the prongs slightly - basically making the tool even stronger than before. We have also added some extra details to help line up the chains pin to even greater accuracy. I think all these small improvements  will result in one hell of a good chain breaker. The tooling has been altered and we are currently making T2 (the 2nd version off the tool off tooling).

I will update you when it is finished and then hopefully we can press go on the production run. Many thanks for your patience. I really want to provide you with the best multi tool we possibly can.



April 20, 2015 — Mark Windsor