Hi Everyone,

Sorry for a period without contact, but we have been waiting on our manufacturer to provide the samples of the threaded pin to test, so we haven't had anything to report. We received the samples at the end of last week and have been testing them. 

The new threaded pin design works well and is a good improvement on the old pin's design. When testing there was slight signs of flatting at the tip of the removable pin where it locates with the chains pin. Because of this we tested its hardness to make sure it was what we had specified to our manufacturer. Unfortunately the hardness was only 1/2 of what we specified and this was the reason for the tip flattening. 

We have asked them to redo the pin to the correct hardness to make sure this isn't a problem. They are now remaking it and have assured us they will be sent  shortly.

We are very sorry that we are behind schedule, but there is no point in proceeding with the tools manufacturing run until the product is correct. As soon as we are happy with everything there is a 45 day lead time to manufacture the tool. Everything else has already been made and is sitting there ready, from the leather pouches to the packaging.

I thank you very much for your patience and will be in touch shortly.



May 26, 2015 — Mark Windsor