Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are gearing up for a great New Year's Eve celebration. We have received and tested out the new prototype and everything has gone to plan. With the new dimension changes the chain breaker now works even more smoothly. Below you can see the new prototype on the right (with dimension changes) next to the older version on the left.

From here we can confirm with our manufacturer to go ahead and start to make the tooling for the main body of the tool. While testing the new prototype we have also decided to make another small change to the pin of the chain breaker, but as this is a separate part it won't have any implications on going ahead with the tooling for the main body.

For those backers who went for pledge #1 (Full Windsor cycling cap) these will all be sent out on Monday morning and should be with you shortly.



December 27, 2014 — Mark Windsor