Hi guys and girls,

Great news, because of the amazing early response we have seen, we have begun to finalize the CAD files for tooling with our manufacturer. Tooling takes a while to create as there are many processes involved and it is a very skillful endeavor.  Since we have easily past our pledge goal we are pressing forward and getting the ball rolling as quickly as possible. Because we have been working so closely with our manufacturer for the past 6 months, they know exactly what is required.

As we are a small brand, most of our community comes from our backers and customers helping to spread the word to friends and family. If you happen to know someone who would like a Splitter of their own, please send them a link to our Kickstarter page so they can check out The Splitter for themselves. With over 1500 backers on board so far the Splitter community is growing by the day :)

For your interest, below are some of our early sketch models and prototypes of The Splitter. I know their not to flash looking, but sketch modeling allows you to play with scale and also tactility and move onto the next iteration of the design without being too precious. These are only a small sample of the models we made, trust me, there were a lot more!

Be in touch again soon



October 05, 2018 — Mark Windsor

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