Hi Ladies and Gents,

Wow what a week it's been. Firstly I would just like to send out a massive thank you for getting behind our new Splitter multi utensil. The Splitter was fully funded in under 2 hours, had over 650 backers in the first day alone and currently has over 1380 backers just 1 week in, with 37 days still remaining in the campaign!

This is now our 5th product launch on Kickstarter and every single time our community of backers grows from strength to strength. It is truly because of your support for our products that we can do what we do, without it we just wouldn't exist. Running a small outdoors brand competing against massive corporates with huge budgets is at the best of times challenging.

So thank you all so much, we truly couldn't do it without you.!!!

Now for your viewing pleasure, here are a few exclusive behind the scenes of the Splitter video being made (I'm sorry, not always completely professional I must admit:)



Thanks yet again, be in touch again soon.



October 02, 2018 — Mark Windsor

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