Hey Girls and Guys,

Finally I get to write an update with some good news! I have just signed off the golden sample and production will begin very shortly. I am very happy with the strength, hardness and quality that has been achieved using the new production methods and multiple sets of tooling. Please see images below.



Also I wanted to run something else by all of you; our amazing backers. I have been looking into making the pouch for the Magware more sustainable. I wanted to see if it was possible to use a recycled material rather than a virgin material for the pouch.  After looking into it and testing multiple materials, the material of choice would be a dense polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. By using this material we would be adding to the demand of recycled plastic materials helping create a more closed loop. It would increase the sustainability of the product over all (all the packaging is also from recycled card). There is not really any price difference in the materials as we have to still get them custom made, but the pouches would be just as easy to wash, and because of the density of the material they would be super durable. Below is a sample I had made up for the single pouch. The full set pouch would just be wider and would still feature the elastic securing strap. I have also checked and no additional time would be added onto production as the pouches can be made a lot quicker than the Magware.



 I wanted to gauge a responce from all our amazing backers, to see if we should go for it. Please leave your comments with your thoughts on this update.

Thanks yet again for all your patience. You've been amazing!!



July 15, 2020 — Mark Windsor

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