Hi Guys and Gals,

So Magware production is now in full swing (finally I know). Our manufacturer has forecast production will be fully finished around the end of September /start of October. I know this seems far away, and all I can do is apologize yet again for the delays we have run into along the way, Although with all the problems we have faced getting Magware made in the midst of a global pandemic, it is actually nice to finally have an estimated date to work with.

I am currently looking into the best way to get Magware shipped out to you. In the past we have shipped all the rewards from Hong Kong, as it was defiantly the fastest and most efficient way. But with the current Covid-19 crisis still in full swing (sigh), this might now not be the best solution. Talking to other brand owners, there have been many cases of packages being lost and huge delays in postal services in countries all around the world. For this reason we are looking into the feasibility of shipping all the Magware to the US first via Sea freight, and then having our fulfilment company here in the US send out all packages via fully tracked Fedex and DHL. Unfortunately this will add on at least another 30 days as this is the estimated time it takes to Sea freight and clear customs in the US. But this is the preferred option to having packages lost in the postal system and all the frustrations that go along with that.

Thank you all so much for your feedback in regards to the material selection used for the pouches. I tallied up all the responses that we received through your comments and direct messages and it couldn't have been more one sided. 94% of backers that responded expressed that we should use polyester made from recycled plastic bottles for the pouches as it is the more sustainable option. Because the people have clearly spoken, all the pouches are now in the process of being made from recycled polyester.

If you have a change of address, please revisit the backerkit survey link we emailed you to fill out the survey. Here you can click the 'edit my address' button in the top right hand corner to update your address details.

As always, thanks for your amazing patience and I will be in touch again soon.



August 12, 2020 — Mark Windsor

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