Hi Guys and Girls,

Great news!!!!!!! Our Magware shipment has cleared customs and the shipment will be on the move very shortly to our fulfillment company in Georgia. We should begin sending out your Magware in the next couple of weeks if all goes to plan.

We have begun locking addresses, so please make sure that you have the correct address listed in Backerkit as this is where your Magware will be sent. Simply login to Backerkit then click 'edit your address' in the top right hand corner. This will also show you your Magware pledge details.

Also another piece of great news, we have teamed up with our favorite Camping App - The Dyrt and managed to wrangle a free 90 day PRO membership for all Magware backers. The Dyrt PRO, has over 1 million campsites and reviews, gives you great campground discounts, helps you find free camping, and more! Basically it's the bomb!

Here is a link to get your  FREE DYRT PRO MEMBERSHIP , simply use the code FW3M at check-out.

Again, I can't thank you enough for your amazing level of patience! It's been a crazy last year with many unforeseen circumstances that I would never have expected to play out. 

I will be in touch again soon to let you know the exact dates when Magware will begin to ship.




February 18, 2021 — Mark Windsor

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