Hi Guys and Girls,

Finally we are off to the races.  Our fulfilment company has begun shipping your Magware out to you! This day has been a long time coming. Trust me .... I know, with the number of grey hairs I have, having doubled over the past year, but we have finally got there. It will take around a week to get all the pledges out the door and on their merry way to you. As mentioned in my last update, we will start to send out tracking codes next week once the parcels have had a chance to make their way into the postal systems tracking databases.

Thank you all so much for your amazing levels of patience, the number of messages of support have been hugely appreciated, and even some of the trolling has been made with good humor:) I really hope that you thoroughly enjoy using your Magware, and that the long wait will prove to have been worth it.

Once your Magware has arrived and you have had a chance to test it out by gobbling down some strawberry parfait, we would absolutely love so see photos of your Magware in action and hear your responses. Please tag us in on instagram using the Tags - @full.windsor and #magware.

I really hope that magware is just a jumping off point and you will continue to get behind other businesses and charities that are trying to address the problem that has been created by single use plastics and their detrimental impact on our Oceans and Wildlife. It is a problem that effects everyone and I love the fact that the awareness of the problem is growing rapidly and that huge amounts of innovation are being used to find solutions that either help remove the plastics from our Oceans and waterways or help provide suitable alternatives to using single use plastics in the first place.



March 11, 2021 — Mark Windsor

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