Hi Guys and Girls, 

The production of Magware is now near completion. Your Magware is currently going through its final quality control checks and is being packed into its packaging. It is scheduled to be collected from our manufacturer by our freight forwarder on the 30th October and from there will be loaded into a 40 foot container to make its way across the Pacific Ocean, where it will dock in the Port of Los Angeles. As soon as it has cleared customs in LA, it will then make its way to our fulfillment house in Georgia via train. 

At the moment our freight forwarding company has given a fairly big window, from between 28 -45 days,  from when Magware is picked up from our manufacturer, until when it arrives at the door of our fulfilment company (this is due to the many circumstances outside of their control, like custom clearance times at the dock etc). For this reason I am hesitant to give you an exact date for when to expect your Magware to arrive at this time, as if this year has taught me anything, it is to expect the unexpected.

Once Magware arrives at our fulfilment company, it will take around one week to send out every pledge. Each pledge will be fully trackable once sent and every backer will be emailed a tracking code via Backerkit. As all the address information is loaded into our fulfilment company's system directly from Backerkit, please make sure you have filled out your Backerkit survey. If you haven't received a backerkit survey, please check your spam folder for the email addressGino Villame your kickstarter account is linked to. If you have moved and need to update your address, please go to the backerkit sign in here. Once you have signed in, click the "edit your address' button in the top right hand corner. Clicking 'edit your address' will also allow you to see your pledge details.

I will give you more accurate window on timings when we get closer to the Magware arriving in the US.  I will be sure to let you know where we are, as everything progresses forward.

I know it has been a long drawn out wait, and all I can do is thank you massively yet again for your amazing levels of patience, 



October 13, 2020 — Mark Windsor

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