Hi Guys and Gals,

Magware is now in its final stages of production. All the stamping and finishing processes have been completed and it is now being hard anodized and having the magnets injection moulded into position. As soon as this is complete your Magware will be packaged together with their pouches and boxed up ready to be shipped via sea freight to the US in the 2nd week of October. From there they will arrive with our fulfillment company who will begin packaging them up and sending them out to you. As mentioned in the previous update Sea freight will be at least 30 days with customs clearance and other things.

Below is an image of the packaged Magware and Magsticks showing how they will arrive with you.


Thank you again for your amazing show of patience, we are getting there  slowly but surely I can assure you.




September 14, 2020 — Mark Windsor

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