Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm excited to say, that every pledge that we have received a backerkit survey back from, has now shipped. There are about 800 backers that have not been sent tracking codes yet, these will be sent out via email early next week, as our fulfillment company ran out of time this week, and will be compiling the tracking codes over the weekend. After I receive them from our fulfillment company, I will upload them into Backerkit to email out. Rest assured, that your Magware is on its way to you. 

The response so far has been amazing, and we are delighted that some backers have already begun using their Magware on a daily basis. We have received a lot of responses asking if it is possible to get hold of some more Magware for friends and family. Well you're in luck, we are still running our Magware Indiegogo campaign here. Ten days after backing Magware on Indiegogo you will receive your Backerkit survey and Magware will be sent out weekly from now on.

Once your Magware has arrived and you have had a chance to test it out by we would absolutely love so see photos of your Magware in action and hear your responses. Please tag us in on Instagram using the Tags - @full.windsor and #magware.

And, just in case you were wondering who the weirdo is on the post card that can't smile properly, THAT'S ME. 


Mark Windsor - Founder and Principal Designer of Full Windsor



March 26, 2021 — Mark Windsor

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